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Family Retreats

Family retreats provide an opportunity for family members to come together to socialize, catch up with each other and to discuss family business.  They incorporate a balance of activities that can include sporting events, meals, unstructured time and business meetings.  The business meeting agenda might include topics such as:

  • Family news
  • Economic updates
  • Changes in financial position

Families often use family retreats to discuss new initiatives, family foundation information or family challenges in a setting where all family members can have a voice.  Family patriarchs and matriarchs often want to be sure that their culture and sense of purpose is understood by all members.  Educating the next generation about their future responsibilities often begins at these meetings. 

Business owning families can take this time to communicate with family members not directly involved with the family business about where the business is and where it is going.  Similarly, non-participating members, some of whom may be shareholders, can use this opportunity to communicate their interests to those who are on the board and/or directly involved in the enterprise.  These meetings also help communicate the values and goals of the family enterprise to younger members.

Regardless of the specific topics to be addressed, having a retreat facilitator can be invaluable to keep a family meeting on track.  Whether there is good or bad news to report, the facilitator manages the pressure of building the agenda and running the meeting and also helps key participants deliver the right amount of information in the most effective way. 

Agreement Resources professionals are skilled at:

  • Working with families to build meeting agendas
  • Informing members of concepts to consider prior to the meeting
  • Running productive meetings in which all participants have a voice

Our facilitators can also provide follow-up as needed, such as sending meeting recaps, managing next steps, and following-up with periodic check-ins.

Far from "all business and no pleasure", family retreats provide an opportunity for different generations to learn from each other and to have fun.

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