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Conflict Coaching

Sometimes, not everyone involved in a conflict wants to participate in a mediated discussion.  In these situations, we often recommend conflict coaching for those individuals who are looking for suggestions on how to approach and work towards resolution with others.  Conflict coaches help clients identify their interests and develop strategies to speak with others involved in a conflict to create mutually beneficial solutions.

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Life Coaching

Whether you are stuck in neutral or feel like you’re going in the wrong direction, a life coach can help you get on a better, more satisfying life track.

Life coaching is a confidential process that frees you to explore where you are now and where you might like to go.  It offers you the opportunity to identify what you like to do and what kinds of environments best suit you.  Part of the process involves identifying what barriers are in your way and how to navigate around them.  Unlike a therapeutic approach, life coaching is goal oriented and future focused.  We work to empower you to pick a destination and help you develop the best route to get there. We act as a private strategist to help you along your way. 

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Coaching in the Workplace

Managers sometimes find they must intervene in a conflict between employees.  This can be problematic on many levels, and settling the dispute in a way that is perceived as fair by all can be difficult.  While many such situations are best addressed through mediation, it is sometimes the case that mediation is not appropriate or warranted -- yet something needs to be done.  In these circumstances we may recommend conflict coaching for those individuals who are looking for suggestions on how to approach a co-worker and work towards resolution. Our conflict coaches help clients think through the situation to clearly identify what’s important to them and to develop strategies to work successfully with other parties.  When our clients employ the interactive listening and other techniques we teach them, breakthroughs can occur.

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