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“To be honest I feel a sense of peace after the meeting. I feel at peace with my family but at the same time it will take all of us some time to get past all that was said. Crystal and Arline, I want to thank you again for your help, I just wish we did it earlier.”

– A Family Business Owner, Brother, and Son

“With kindness, skill and thoughtful attention to clients’ interests, Halee and Crystal mediate divorces. My clients tell me that they are glad they worked with Agreement Resources to resolve all of their divorce-related issues.”

– A Client’s Attorney

“Thank you for the excellent training. Your modeling of effective, compassionate mediator behavior had a huge impact. Our classmates brought a wealth of knowledge and questions that added a great deal. Thank you one and all.”

– A Training Participant

“I want to thank you, Halee and Arline. You two have a finely tuned ability to stay neutral that keeps everyone’s trust. I loved your insight using the Ladder of Inference and giving us tools like “ouch” was really helpful. Most importantly, your well timed curious questions guided us toward understanding and away from unproductive quarreling.
I see hard discussions ahead and feel so reassured to have you both trying to keep us all in the boat.”

– A Daughter and Sister

“It’s always a pleasure representing a client who has participated in the mediation process through Agreement Resources. Halee Burg and Crystal Thorpe are responsive, knowledgeable, and easy to communicate with. They are also actively involved in the Massachusetts mediation professional community, and passionate about the benefits of mediation in preserving family relationships in guardianship, divorce, inheritance, and elder care issues.”

– A Client’s Attorney

“Thank you for helping us mediate and get to the other side, a better side we both feel really good about.”

– A Mediation Participant