Adult Family and Elder Mediation

Disagreements between adult siblings, between adult children and their parents, or among other close relatives, can be emotionally wrenching, and are often fueled by decades–long patterns of interacting.  These conflicts typically come to a boil just when you need to make important decisions, sometimes quickly.    

It’s not uncommon for families to disagree about:

  • Independence and safety
  • Health-related issues
  • Caregiving
  • Future living arrangements
  • Driving and transportation
  • Communication
  • Information sharing (how much and how)
  • Who will have decision making responsibilities (Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy)
  • Finances (including paying for care)
  • Estate planning and inheritance
  • Distribution of personal property and heirlooms
  • Sharing a vacation home

Figuring out what to do about these issues can be emotional and challenging, even when everyone is “on the same page,” and becomes rapidly more complex when there is conflict in the ranks.  Things can get even more complicated when family members live far apart. 

When getting everyone around the table, starting conversations, and keeping conversations productive feels difficult or even impossible, that’s where mediation comes in.  Our team specializes in working with adult families. We make hard conversations easier and help families move forward.  (See more at 


My sister and I were struggling with how to handle our inheritance. We were on opposite sides on what seemed ‘fair’. Through discussion and really thoughtful questioning by Crystal and Halee, we found a way to communicate and resolve our issue. If you’re at odds with family – mediation can really help. I can’t thank Crystal and Halee enough for working with us to find a fair resolution.

A Sibling Who Participated in Mediation

If you and your family decide to proceed with mediation, we’ll help you prepare for a productive conversation.  Before your family meeting, your mediator will meet privately with each of you to hear and understand your perspective, goals, the topics you wish to discuss, and what’s important to you.

After you have met together and reached some common ground, we can help you document your decisions and next steps.

To learn more, call us at (617) 621-7009 or use the link below to schedule a complimentary consultation.