When you are stuck in an ongoing conflict, it can sometimes feel like you are going around in circles. You may be unsure what action to take, if any. When everyone seems to want something different, it may feel like there is no way forward.

You don’t have to go it alone. When you want support, a conflict coach can help you consider what is important to you and what steps you might take to better manage the situation.

Our coaches help you zero in on your concerns and needs, take a fresh look at what’s going on, develop new skills, and formulate a plan for moving forward.

If the conflict has been heating up and others do not appear able to manage their own behavior or see a path to resolution, you may decide to step up and “act like the mediator” among your peers or within your family – but you are at a loss as to how to proceed. A conflict coach can support you and help you to be as effective as possible in this difficult role.

Individual or small group conflict coaching can also be a helpful alternative when the larger group has considered mediation, but not everyone wants to participate.

Coaching can be helpful when you’re:

• Struggling with a conflict in your workplace – with a co-worker, supervisor, or someone who reports to you

• Anticipating or trying to work through a conflict with a friend, neighbor, or family member

• Caught in a conflict with a merchant, vendor, contractor, board, or association

• Involved in an especially challenging negotiation or mediation and want some additional support

• Taking on the role of “informal-mediator” at work or in your peer group or family