During the current stay-at-home advisory, the COVID19 pandemic, and our public response to it, is creating new challenges for families to navigate.

Staying connected, navigating home spaces that are suddenly shared 24/7, managing financial and emotional stress, and planning for the coming weeks amid uncertainty can be hard. You may be experiencing more conflict or tension at home, with your children, with your spouse/former spouse or partner, or with other family members.

If you’d like a facilitated conversation or to create a plan around any of the following topics, or others, please know that we are available to help as needed.

  • (Peacefully) sharing family space 24/7
  • Supporting aging family members while keeping them safe
  • Managing communications with college-aged children
  • Balancing work expectations and the needs of school-aged children
  • Managing finances and budgeting while out of work
  • Temporarily modifying a parenting plan
  • Proactively designing new routines together that can work for each member of the household

We’ve been offering online mediation via secure videoconferencing for years, and have moved all our services to an online format during this period to enable access to services while supporting physical distancing.

If you’re not sure whether you need help having a conversation, but would like some individual support navigating these kinds of issues, conflict coaching may also be a good choice for you.
As always, we offer free consultations to hear about your situation and help you determine what services may be the best fit. Call (617) 621-7009 to explore how we can help. If your current financial situation has been impacted by current events, we can also discuss options to help ensure that our services are more accessible to people who need them.

Meanwhile, take good care; we’re all in this together!

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