Relationships & Problem Solving

Relationships are hard. It’s normal to have different perspectives on things that are important to you. When issues come up – be it with a significant other, friend, neighbor or roommate – it can feel like you’re standing alone and misunderstood.

Having someone to support your conversation can make all the difference.

Clients have shared with us that having a mediator facilitate their discussions helped them feel heard and understood in ways they had not before, enhanced the dialogue between them, and enabled them to reach a resolution each could accept.

Among the relationship topics people bring to the mediation table are:

  • Neighbors
    • Boundaries /parking/ shared outdoor areas
    • Pets
    • Noise and lights
  • Condo owners
    • Association bylaws
    • Decision making and communication
    • Assessments/use of funds
  • Roommates
    • Responsibilities
    • Costs
    • Use and maintenance of common areas
    • Subletting
    • Noise
    • Pets
    • Boundaries regarding privacy and space
  • Friends
    • Needs
    • Misunderstandings
    • Communication

Mediation helps people get unstuck; it’s about problem solving, not therapy. Whether you’re trying to stay in a relationship or end it amicably, your mediator(s) will work closely with you to identify the topics you wish to discuss and explore what is important to you. We will help you:

  • Consider and discuss your needs, priorities, concerns, and goals
  • Identify additional information you need to make informed decisions
  • Explore and consider options, proposals, and “what-ifs”
  • Document your decisions

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