For many families, pets are an integral part of family life, and pets also are impacted by a change in residence and/or family structure. Through mediation, we support our clients as they consider how to best care for their pets following separation and/or divorce, or the change in an elder’s ability to care for a pet . Clients consider a number of topics when discussing pets, including:

  • A pet’s residence, and whether a pet will move between homes
  • A pet’s special needs
  • A pet’s routine and special medical care
  • A pet’s daily care (walks, socialization, feeding)
  • Financial responsibility for a pet
  • A pet’s aging
  • A pet’s behavioral issues
  • A pet’s relationship with family members
  • A pet’s relationship with other family pets

As clients consider these and other topics, we help them think about what’s important to them and to their children or other family members, as well as what is in the best interest of their beloved pet. Sometimes it can be helpful to seek guidance from a veterinarian and/or animal behaviorist. By working through these and other issues related to their pets, parties can plan for their pets’ continued love and care.