Post-Divorce and Co-Parenting Mediation

After your divorce, even years later, there may be important things to discuss with your former spouse. 

When conversations after divorce become especially difficult, or when you simply can’t agree how to resolve an issue, mediation can help. 

Common topics include:

  • Reviewing spousal support and/or child support
  • Planning for significant future events (e.g., graduations, weddings)
  • Unanticipated, emerging issues (e.g., health care decisions)
  • Proposed changes in parenting plan
  • Proposed move by one parent
  • College planning and financing
  • Funding extraordinary expenses for children (e.g., uninsured medical/dental expenses, activities, travel)
  • Relationships with new significant others
  • Relationships with grandparents and extended family
  • Parenting practices (e.g., screen time, homework, chores, religion, etc.)

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