Agreement Resources, LLC, offers a variety of general and customized conflict resolution training programs and workshops designed to meet your needs. We are known for providing engaging and interactive programs that offer a compelling mix of both theory and practice.

Workshops focus on building conflict resolution competencies for individuals in corporate, government, and non-profit settings, as well as in families and religious communities.  

Training clients include human resources professionals, government organizations, non-profits, medical professionals, case managers, and family caregiver support groups; and we have an international following of experienced mediators who have attended our advanced mediation training programs.

Elder Mediation Training

Our flagship Elder Decisions® Elder / Adult Family Mediation Training will be held in April 2024.  Click here for more information and registration.

Conflict Resolution Training for the Workplace

Conflict in the workplace can lower employee morale and lead to a decrease in productivity. Teaching managers and staff strategies for how to approach and resolve disputes before they take on a life of their own can result in enormous cost savings to the organization. A culture that supports managing and resolving workplace conflict (rather than letting it fester) can contribute to higher levels of employee retention, positive morale and significantly less litigation.

The goals of our trainings are to help professionals:

  • Approach conflict as an opportunity for learning and growth
  • Facilitate multi-party decision making
  • Work productively with parties with strong emotions
  • Build practical and effective conflict resolution skills
  • Incorporate conflict awareness into team building strategies

Effective Communication for Families

Many families are facing difficult decisions about elder care, living situations, family homes, personal property and inheritance – even about how future decisions should be made and who should make them.  These decisions can be emotional and challenging when everyone is “on the same page,” and are especially difficult when there is disagreement among family members.

This workshop focuses on helping participants:

  • Develop new ways to communicate with family members around difficult decisions
  • Bring about more collaborative family decision-making
  • Prevent and manage future conflict more effectively

The program is designed for participants across the generations regardless of their role in the family.

To learn more about these or customized workshops for your group or family, please reach out here or call (617) 621-7009.