Conflict at Work?

We make hard conversations


We spend a lot of time at work, so workplace conflicts can be especially challenging and unsettling. It’s natural to not always see eye to eye with co-workers or customers.

In a family business, a dispute may involve family members who have different levels of involvement in the day-to-day business operations.

Mediation, facilitation, and/or conflict coaching can help you bridge divides to clarify issues, identify what’s important to all involved, and explore and identify solutions.

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45-minute Complimentary Online Conflict Coaching Session

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What should I expect from this meeting?

One of our conflict management coaches will meet with you one-to-one online or by phone to hear about the situation you’d like help with, and to help you gain additional insights. The time will be focused on you and what you want to cover in the meeting, and can give you a taste of what conflict management coaching can look like.

This meeting is for you with no strings attached.  Simply participating in this free meeting with the support of a listening ear can be very helpful in determining for yourself what next actions you may want to take on your own, in your own given situation.

What kind of situation should I bring?

That’s up to you. Bring whatever situation you’d most like help with, whether that’s an interpersonal challenge at work, with your family, or in another situation, or even a difficult conversation that you are preparing for. Coaching can help you look at the situation with fresh eyes and determine what next steps you may or may not want to take.